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Serving Mid Hudson Valley Communities for over 5 years

Welcome to Hudson Valley Nanny Agency. The location in Upper Mid Hudson Valley that works to offer a premier domestic staffing agency. We are a brick and mortar agency where families and child care job seekers can personally work with a placement counselor. The agency works to conduct extensive, professional, thorough and true background checks, reference checks and job history reviews. This is to ensure that a professional is placed into the homes of families seeking either a nanny for their children or a caregiver for their senior adult. The agency offers placements for domestic positions. .  

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Bright Days Hyde Park                                  Bright Days Wappingers                           Hudson Valley Nanny Agency
4327 Albany Post Rd                                              845-698-0117                                                        845-698-0117
Hyde Park Elementary School Bldg                    PO Box 378, Hyde Park, NY 12538                    PO Box 378, Hyde Park NY 12538
845-698-0117                                                           Vassar Rd Elementary                                        email: hudsonvalleynannyagency.com   Mailing:  PO Box 378                                               Sheafe Rd Elementary 
Hyde Park, NY 12538                                              Oak Grove Elementary 
email: brightdayscamp@gmail.com                    email: brightdayscamp@gmail.com