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Throughout the Hudson Valley : .Work with Children, Enhance Your Resume, Gain Experience, Obtain Hands On Training, Embark on an Endeavor.                                                                                                              

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            Bright Days is one of the leading school aged child care programs in the Hudson Valley with locations in Hyde Park and Wappingers.

  • Build upon your experience, professionalism, training, and networking links. 
    Become joined within our organization that will provide you with the necessary tools needed to gain job experience, connections and satisfaction.  Email brightdayscamp@gmail.com to receive an online application packet.
  • Work with Children. Enhance Your Resume. Gain Experience. Obtain Hands On Training. Apply to Bright Days Today!
  • Email brightdayscamp@gmail.com to get access to the easy steps to applying.
  • Whether a candidate is on the track towards a diploma, credential, 2 or 4 yr degree including the goal to work with children, Bright Days offers candidates an important opportunity to obtain professional development.
  • of Directors, Site Supervisors and NY State Teachers

Bright Days Hyde Park                                 Bright Days Wappingers                            
4327 Albany Post Rd                                              845-698-0117                                                        
Hyde Park Elementary School Bldg                    PO Box 378, Hyde Park, NY 12538                    
845-698-0117                                                           Vassar Rd Elementary                                        
Mailing:  PO Box 378                                               Sheafe Rd Elementary 
Hyde Park, NY 12538                                              Oak Grove Elementary 
email: brightdayscamp@gmail.com                    email: brightdayscamp@gmail.com